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At Simply Vital we want you to enjoy whole health!

Every day is an opportunity to build a new body so we need to maximise the positive factors that influence this creation. Unfortunately modern life is against us: chemical and food allergies and intolerances are growing, 600 million people are obese and at significant risk of developing diet-related illnesses such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and stress, insomnia and depression are widespread. Apart from the human suffering, the social costs of all this are enormous. The causes of these and other ills can be complex, but we believe that by taking a holistic approach you can transform your health: achieve great shape inside and out, have more physical and mental energy and enjoy better sleep. Ultimately, you will feel better, reduce your need for medications, stay well and enjoy life for longer.

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Our Vital Ingredients

After researching widely, we’ve found the planet’s most nutrient-dense whole food (Klamath AFA), the highest quality probiotics and concentrated organic plant extracts, harvested from around the globe and combined them to make powerful health creating products. Each ingredient and supplier we use has been diligently chosen and each is supported by scientific research studies.

Klamath AFA has been shown in numerous studies over the past 30 years to have transformative effects on health and work on probiotics shows that these friendly bacteria do a lot more than keep the digestive system healthy.

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Benefits of Simply Vital

Our Story & Credentials

Simply Vital was founded by Janice Wilson whose interest in health started as a teenager when she was drawn to books on healing in her local library. Following her training in Pharmacy and Medicine she worked in research and development before moving into the manufacturing and quality sectors of the international pharmaceutical industry.

After several years working for world-class giants like Glaxo and Pharmacia, she then created a notable list of private consultancy clients helping them attain the quality standards required during the development and manufacture of their medicines. However, when she became over-stressed and then depressed, instead of accepting the drug prescribed by her doctor, she opted for counselling, not realising how profoundly the process of personal development would impact her world and be the impetus for establishing her own holistic health company.

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