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If you want to be truly healthy, you must allow your innate HEALING FORCE to flow freely.

Symptoms (of illness) are the body’s way of showing us when this flow is hindered yet modern medicine seeks to suppress these symptoms rather than trying to solve the underlying issue, thereby blocking this vital force. This ancient wisdom and healing approach was castigated when in the early 1900’s for too long, by shady characters for huge financial gain and now, it appears, tyranny.

Instead of handing responsibility for your health to the system and the concocted “lies” these shady characters built (Bigpharma controlled doctors and health authorities), it’s time to take back control and create a NEW PARADIGM of health and healthcare with personal responsibility,  integrity and true healing at its heart.

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Detox & Shape Up

Toxins or rather, poisons, make us ill and unfortunately they are everywhere; in the air, water, food and in our homes in personal care, laundry/cleaning products etc.

Toxins interfere with our cellular chemistry and metabolic rate and unless removed will manifest in weight gain, allergies, cancer, heart and neurological disease etc. There’s no other way to put it: modern life is a threat to our health, our weight and our sanity!

The first step on the road to whole health is to remove as many of these killers from your life as possible.

We have mechanisms to detox and eliminate toxins of course, but if the toxin load is high, then the burden on our organs of elimination; the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin can be overwhelmed and illness can soon follow. Fortunately nature can help us with this process…

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The majority of people are overfed and under nourished! Sorry, but it’s true.

Without the entire range (and it’s wide) of nutrients needed by the body it cannot function correctly which is why over 70% of GPs take nutritional supplements even though they will probably tell you a “varied diet is all you need”. It isn’t.

Today foods are 30-60% less nutritious, as measured by their nutrient content, than fifty years ago.

Nutrients are not just important for staying healthy, they can also be more powerful and effective than drugs in many instances, but of course this is dismissed by the Bigpharma controlled system despite the vast number of clinical studies to the contrary…

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Relax & Restore

People who feel calm, able to truly relax and enjoy sound sleep can restore balance and harmony to their physiology and allow healing to occur.

Conversely, fear, anxiety, depression and poor sleep usually have poor health consequences, reduce the quality of life and weaken the immune system, which may lead to the development of chronic diseases.

Much in modern medicine is just plain wrong, but the administration of potent drugs for the conditions above, which actually do nothing to improve the underlying problem, often making the underlying problem worse or creating dependency, may even be considered evil. 

Two clear examples of this are the SSRI “anti-depressant” drugs which have recently been exposed as a complete scam and the use of “dopaminergic” drugs for Restless Legs Syndrome. Fortunately, nature has a much better answer for both…

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