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In each of us there is an innate healing force creating health every day, if we allow it. and symptoms (of illness) are simply the body’s way of showing us when this healing force is being hindered. Modern medicine, which is in the grip of BigPharma, ignores this wisdom and is organised to suppress symptoms rather than resolving underlying issues, be they physical, mental or emotional.

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Detox & Shape Up

Toxins or rather, poisons, make us ill and unfortunately they are everywhere; in the air, water, food and in our homes in personal care, laundry/cleaning products etc. Toxins interfere with our cellular chemistry and metabolic rate causing weight gain, allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart and neurological diseases etc. 

Your first step on the road to creating whole health is to remove as many of these poisons from your life as possible. We have mechanisms to detox and eliminate toxins of course, but if the toxin load is high, then the burden on our organs of elimination; the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin can be overwhelmed and illness may ensue. Fortunately nature can help with this detoxification process…

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Most people in the west today are overfed yet under nourished since our foods are 30-60% less nutritious, as measured by their nutrient content, than they were fifty years ago. Without the entire range of vital nutrients the body needs, problems will soon arise. Nutrients are not just important for staying healthy, they can also be more powerful and effective than drugs in many instances.

Our range of supplements and fruit and vegetable powders allow you to obtain the full range of nutrients you need as well as design protocols to resolve any underlying nutritional deficits you may have.


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Relax & Restore

Fear, anxiety and depression usually go hand in hand with poor sleep and result in  reduced quality of life and a weakened immune system.

Much in modern medicine is just plain wrong, and the administration of potent drugs for the conditions above, which actually do nothing to improve the underlying issue, often making that issue even worse or creating dependency, may even be considered evil. Two clear examples of this are the SSRI “anti-depressant” drugs which have recently been exposed as a complete scam and the use of “dopaminergic” drugs for Restless Legs Syndrome.

Fortunately, nature has a much better answer for both…

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