vitalWOMAN recommended by The Sunday Post

Last Thursday was World Menopause Day – designated by the World Health Organisaton and the World Menopause Society – which aims to promote knowledge and research on all aspects of ageing in men and women.

Symptoms suffered by women going through the menopause can be very unpleasant and there’s now a new product which claims to help ease the transition.

The completely natural supplement, vitalWOMAN contains soy-isoflavones that act as true oestrogens in the body, countering reduced levels of oestrogen responsible for hot flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbances and the onset of osteoporosis.

It uses microalgae klamath to temper hot flushes and offset mood swings and depression. Its rich supply of minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are especially valuable for the production and regulation of hormones and brain function. And the enzyme nitrogenase helps regulate capillary bloodflow, minimising hot flushes.

Black cohosh inhibits hot flushes, cold sweats and sleep disturbances and Angelica archangelica helps regulate blood flow and the female hormonal system.

Take one capsule mid-morning and one mid-evening. If you’re already on HRT, gradually build up to this dose while reducing your HRT. vitalWOMAN is available in pots of 50 capsules at or call 0870 609 1180.

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