Restless Legs Syndrome: Case Study

Lesley Williams, mother of three, fitness instructor, lives and works in Askrigg, Leyburn, Wensleydale

A couple of years ago, Lesley started to suffer from involuntary twitching in both her legs. It came upon her when she was sitting still for a long while – such as on long car journey or when at the cinema – and at night as she tried to relax to go to sleep.

Lesley, 44, is an active lady. She works as a fitness instructor and is mum to three children aged 9, 11 and 13.

Her involuntary leg twitching is more commonly known as Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). And while doctors accept it is a condition, there is little they know about it and less they can do about it. Lesley’s GP was baffled as to what to do. Then Lesley read in a fitness magazine about a supplement that could help with RLS: vitalMAX. The article suggested this product could help by increasing the level of dopamine – a neurotransmitter in the brain that, among other things, is responsible for co-ordination and the control of movement. Tentative studies have linked a lack of dopamine to RLS.

Lesley was at her wits’ end so decided to give vitalMAX a try. Within a month her RLS was significantly reduced.

Lesley’s mother, 67, has suffered from RLS for nearly 10 years. Her condition was more pronounced than Lesley’s to the point where she started to worry and panic when sitting in confined spaces: long car journeys, a trip to the cinema and a leisurely meal were all out of the question. Added to all this, she never slept well. Alas, her GP in Reading could offer no advice.

Having enjoyed the benefits of vitalMAX Lesley introduced her Mum to it – and her symptoms have cleared completely! This has a made a huge difference to her. As an active grandma with three daughters and seven grandchildren, her life has been enhanced greatly by solving this problem.”RLS is very uncomfortable and you can’t control it at all,” says Lesley. “I admit it sounds stupid and other people can’t understand what it feels like. But they certainly get annoyed if you’re sitting near them when it kicks off! “Trying to sit still is the hardest thing and some nights it was almost impossible to get to sleep – or stay asleep. It really did affect my lifestyle and it was such a relief to find vitalMAX. Finally I can sit still, relax, sleep well – and take the family to see a long film at the cinema.”

Lesley takes two capsules each day and this holds her RLS in check. She did run out of the supplement once and within a couple of days her RLS was back to full force. As soon as she took vitalMAX it calmed back down again. In addition, Lesley reports feeling really well on vitalMAX. She used to suffer from colds and minor illnesses but since taking it she hasn’t suffered at all. And now she feels much happier in herself. Previously, her mood was a lot lower for much of the time.

All these benefits are not surprising as vitalMAX is powerful nutrition for both the mind and body. In particular it has a high concentration of phenylethylamine (PEA) – a neuroamine known as the ‘love molecule’ since it is the molecule we produce when we feel love, joy and calm. PEA is able to lift depressions and improve mood and concentration: as it has proved with Lesley.

“I confess when Mum started to suffer from RLS I used to think ‘what’s she on about?'”, admits Lesley. “Having suffered too, it’s no laughing matter and is, in fact, very challenging to live with. I’m so pleased to have found vitalMAX and to be able to help my Mum too. She lives in Reading – a good five hour car journey away. You can imagine how difficult it was to see each other with us both suffering with RLS. Everything is so much improved now.”

About vitalMAX

vitalMAX contains concentrated extracts from AFA blue-green algae, with high levels of phenylethylamine (PEA) and phycocyanins. These molecules increase the level of freely circulating dopamine in the central nervous system to produce many favourable effects including the relief of Restless Legs Syndrome.

N.B. Lesley and her Mum have now switched to vitalCALM which offers an even higher concentration of PEA.

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