Highly Educated? You are more vulnerable to the phenomenon known as “Mass Formation”

Are you a victim?

The more educated you are, the more vulnerable you are to this phenomenon that we have seen play out over the last 2.5 years.

It explains why highly intelligent people can behave in completely stupid ways.

Prof Desmet explains the factors needed in society and the individual required for mass formation to occur. He explains how when a narrative is distributed to society, there will be a huge willingness to follow.

The main problem with this, and it’s still present, is that totalitarianism can easily take hold as we are seeing now. Totalitarianism always starts with a pseudo -scientific narrative…….you know like masks keep out nano-sized particles, healthy people are carriers of disease etc, etc.

People in a “mass” feel a solidarity with the group and they feel it necessary to destroy dissenters, those with a different opinion.

People who are in a mass formation which is a group dynamic have:

-a baffling blindness

-lose things that are important to them

-cannot stand anyone with opposing voices, stigmatise and even try to destroy these people as if it is their duty to do so

But don’t worry…in the end, the “mass” will destroy itself…

…but if we’re not careful, one “mass” will be replaced by another……..enter Ukraine……enter Monkey pox.

The only way we are going t be saved from the technocracy that is trying to control us is to stop believing the world can be explained rationally. It can’t…



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