Stark Warning & More Facts

Dr David Martin has all the evidence (the patent trail) showing that THE PLAN has been years in the making. That’s the plan to get the public to accept a pan-coronavirus vaccine not just to hold up big Pharma (who would be falling if it weren’t for the exponentially increasing vaccine revenues (since drug pipelines have been drying up for 25+ years)) but to allow governments to control our entire lives via medical tyranny.

The economy is collapsing and there is NO money left in the banks or pension funds but they don’t want you to know this or panic over it. They must control the demolition of the current economic system, since they have stolen our money, and introduce a new system which will benefit them and not us. This system is called Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and they will use this to exert ever more control over your body and your life unless you stop them, NOW!

As I wrote in my twitter feed in 2020: “This is NOT about a virus, it’s the Great Reset”.

There is NO virus. However, there is a toxin (a toxic protein) that has been developed via gain of function and funded by the USA: the spike protein. So when you hear virus, think protein.

The more you accept their nonsense, the quicker you will lose not just your freedom but your life and the lives of your children.

Stop letting them frighten you.

If you have taken the jab(s) then you need to do everything you can to avoid the effects of the spike protein; blood clotting, myocarditis, auto-immune disease etc and acquire some Ivermectin which appears to be an effective antidote.

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