Dr Mike Yeadon – Fraud, Fear and How Herd Mentality Has Brought Us to the Edge

Mike sat in his garage and made a home video in 2020 to warn us about the lies we were being fed by the government and so-called “health professionals” He knew they were lying and as an ex VP of Pfizer, Head of Respiratory Drug Development, no one was better qualified to judge the situation at the time. He confirmed what many of us were fearing……that the intention all along was to get the entire population “vaccinated”.
Since then, the lies have mounted but even as more people wake up to the facts, governments have doubled down and violated the human rights of their citizens.
There is nothing they haven’t lied about and in this most recent video Mike outlines the major ones and what the real agenda is. His fears over the last two years have grown and rightly so and his position has hardened. He has had to flee to the states in fear of his life, since the authorities know he is a threat to their credibility.

The fact checkers (who are funded by Bigpharma, Bill “I make a 20:1 return on investment in vaccines” Gates, and other horrors like Soros tried to malign him. Their attempts to do this are pathetic. Mike is a genius and as a fellow ex-drug development professional, I know one when I see one!

Thank you for your courage and conviction Mike.


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