The TRUTH about vaccines

The most powerful presentation ever, revealing the absolute truth about vaccines and the corrupt industry and authorities behind them. The data never lies, as the saying goes and the data shows horrific damages from the vaccines that are thrust upon us all but especially the children. They are literally causing illness so that they can dish out drugs down the line for damaged physiologies!

“Vaccine “science” is a lie…it is fraudulent.”

They are not effective. They are not safe.

For example:

Hep B vaccine tested for “safety” for 4 days.

It is given to newborns for a disease only prevalent in drug addicts and prostitutes.

There are NO SAFETY studies for any vaccine and there are NO CREDIBLE surveillance systems to monitor injuries from vaccines!!

“They are killing the children and they know they are killing the children.”

And they are about to MANDATE vaccines for adults too!

It’s time to stand up and take this industry DOWN.

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