Detox before winter!

Detox before winter

Here we are at another major seasonal shift and right now, the people of the Mediterranean countries, who know a thing or two about healthy living, are entering one of their twice yearly detox regimes.

Instead of punishing themselves in the depths of winter and going against nature, as is the tendency for detoxing in the UK, the traditional Mediterranean detox approach is much gentler and in tune with nature.

It is performed twice yearly; at the start of spring and as autumn turns to winter when our bodies undergo a seasonal shift too, either preparing for the heat of summer or preparing to “hibernate” for winter. Their regime includes:

  1. Reducing the amount of food consumed to allow energy to be diverted to cleansing rather than digesting.
  2. Eating more seasonal vegetables to provide much needed anti-oxidants, which help quell the toxins as they are flushed from the cells.
  3. Reaching for traditional herbal recipes to support liver function.

One such recipe is VitalDETOX. Made from carefully selected plants that support the liver and gallbladder, this special formula gently cleanses this major detox organ, and when taken over a few weeks will:

  • remove dangerous toxins
  • promote clear skin and eyes
  • create higher energy levels
  • improve digestion/weight loss

The key is the timing: we are greatly influenced by the seasons and the more we can attune ourselves to the movement of the earth around the sun, as we have done for millennia, the more we will enjoy good health.

Enjoy VitalDETOX as an aperitif by adding water and lemon juice or add to your favourite fruit juice. Take twice daily before main meals.

VitalDETOX is recommended by health professionals to support liver health and will dramatically improve fatty liver disease, which is starting to affect people in greater numbers and at much earlier ages.

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