Our Story & Credentials

Simply Vital was founded by Janice Wilson whose interest in health started as a teenager when she was drawn to books on healing in her local library. Following her training in Pharmacy and Medicine she worked in research and development before moving into the manufacturing and quality sectors of the international pharmaceutical industry.

After several years working for world-class giants like Glaxo and Pharmacia, she then created a notable list of private consultancy clients helping them attain the quality standards required during the development and manufacture of their medicines. However, when she became over-stressed and then depressed, instead of accepting drug prescribed by the doctor, she opted for counselling, not realising how profoundly the process of personal development would impact her world, change her views on healthcare and be the impetus for establishing her own holistic company and Simply Vital Ltd.

Over time and much soul seaching, I discovered that I had been spending so much energy trying to achieve at work that I had been completely denying my own feelings, my own self, and I was totally unaware I was doing so. Slowly, as my consciousness expanded and my self-awareness grew, I started to feel better as if I could see the light at the end of the tunnel and it was a truly joyful experience to be finding more of my real self. Utterly amazed at the effects this process was having, not just emotionally and mentally but physically too, I began exploring the role of our emotions to create either health or illness.

The more I learnt about the complexity of the nervous system and how sensitive it is to our thoughts and feelings it became clear just how barbaric the modern day treatment of so called ‘mental illness’ actually is.

Already interested in the role of good nutrition for health, which I had been reading about since my teens, I saw that original cornerstone of NHS was now being completely discounted by the medical profession either as a possible cause of illness if it was lacking or as a potential cure.

So, it was clear to me that the whole system was wrong. Doctors are not trained to create health or to find the real cause of illness, but to diagnose and treat symptoms and pharmacists are paid for the number of items dispensed: the original health care system had morphed into a self perpetuating disease care system.

The reality is that profits have replaced ethics as the driver for the pharmaceutical industry and the delivery of these profits relies on the collusion of the medical profession. This approach, and the entire system that supports it, encourage a quick fix mentality and guarantee a steadily increasing percentage of the population are medicated… exactly what the pharmaceutical industry requires for it survival!