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QuietLEGS Calms Restless Legs

In the UK 10-15% of adults are affected by Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) which is defined as a creepy, crawling sensation in the legs with an irresistible urge to get up and move around. The condition dramatically impacts quality of life as it can cause severe sleep deprivation which then affects day time activities, relationships […]

Nature’s Superfood Creates Health!

Aphanizomenon Flos Aquae (AFA) is one of nature’s original superfoods and one of the last remaining sources of wild nutrition available in commercially significant quantities. AFA belongs to one of the oldest known families of organisms on earth – Cyanophyta – commonly known as blue-green algae. It differs from other micro-algae such as Chlorella and […]

Don’t Be Depressed, Be Simply Vital!

Anti-depressants are over-prescribed and they don’t work… Depression is a much misunderstood condition yet 80% of GPs admit to overprescribing antidepressants (1). As concern over the safety, efficacy and over-prescribing of anti-depressant drugs escalates, mother earth proves herself once again and offers up a natural solution that has been shown to lift mild to moderate […]

What Really Killed Millions? | Denis Rancourt

The government and media have been telling us since the start of the plandemic that millions have died from Covid. But the All-Cause Mortality figures from around the world tell a different story. Professor Denis Rancourt is an expert in All-Cause Mortality data analysis. In this in-depth interview he shows the proof that if governments […]