Austrian Health Minister Shifts Blame for Massive number of Vax Damages to Doctors

This comes of course after government mandates and fines for the unvaxed and the fact that the Austrian government (and most others) prosecuted or dismissed doctors for voicing any warnings against the vax and naming this as “disinformation”. The Covid party is OVER and the perpetrators of the scam and the murder they are responsible […]

Yikes! Scary but not to be missed!

Karen Kingston first hour revealing the extent and damage of the fraud committed by Pfizer et al. Second hour, the irrepressible Clay Clarke exposing the evil at the centre of the WEF and the crazy loon Harari who is special adviser to the WEF and has the ear of Gates etc. He’s special alright! […]

Covid is a complete fraud. There is no legitimate science behind it.

Covid was/is a weapon to remove our freedoms and concentrate power in the hands of the corrupt tyrannical governments as the current economic model disintegrates. There is NO virus causing covid. There is a TOXIN created in a lab which binds to ACE receptors, it is NOT an inhaled a respiratory pathogen as we have […]