About Us

Our mission: to support you on your journey towards WHOLE HEALTH

A brief history of health

At the turn of the 19th century here in the West, food was scarce and life expectancy was around 45 years due mainly to high mortality from infectious diseases. As the decades passed and food, and in particular protein (which fuels the immune system) became more readily available and life expectancy steadily rose during the first half of the 20th century.

During WWII food was rationed yet records show that people were fitter, slimmer and healthier during this period. After WWII the NHS was founded to ensure that people did not have to suffer financially if they became ill and the vision was that preventative medicine which included nutritional supplementation would create a healthier population and reduce the need for medical care.

Over the next few decades, mechanised farming was introduced, fertilisers and pesticides were developed and the resultant increase in food production spurred the food processing industry so that by the 1980s we could eat what we wanted when we wanted. Over consumption followed and today 65% of adults in the UK are now overweight or obese.

The pharmaceutical industry also expanded during this time along with the expectation that a “magic bullet” would be found for all our ills.

The industry expanded on this premise until the 90s when drug pipelines suddenly emptied and the industry became desperate for new sources of revenue. That new source is vaccines.

The once ethical pharmaceutical industry transformed into one that places profits above all else and with few other tools at their disposal, doctors are medicating and injecting us at their behest!

Our Founder

Janice Wilson

When Janice Wilson decided to start her own venture she revisited the world of naturopathy, a subject she had first discovered as a teenager. She researched how naturopathic doctors in the past healed their patients with clean air, clean water and nutritious food. She explored how the development and nurturing of the nervous system affects our health later on in life and she put it all together to create Simply Vital.

The naturopathic approach has nutrition at its centre reflecting what Hippocrates said 2,500 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” This wisdom is ignored by the current medical establishment which promotes the belief that chronic illness is inevitable as we age and that drugs are the answer to all our ills!

Also dismissed as unimportant are our thoughts and feelings which together form our attitude, our approach to life. Yet research shows the dramatic effect these have on health outcomes:


The fact that we are overfed yet undernourished, that our mind creates our health for good or ill and that these revelations, which confirm traditional wisdom, are lost on the medical establishment of today, confirm that we need a completely new approach and system for healthcare!